Convenient healthcare that fits your TRAVEL needs.

The Mission of Travel Health Membership

No one likes to think about it but accidents and unexpected incidents do happen – even on vacation. Simply Healthcare Travel Health Membership is designed to offer access while traveling to quality, affordable, and professional routine healthcare at locations convenient to the travelers’ destination. For a low daily rate, Travel Health Membership fills the gaps of what may not be covered by government or private insurance, allowing individuals and their families the freedom to enjoy their vacation without the worries of medical bills.

What is Simply Healthcare?

Most insurance plans are high deductible plans that should be used to cover major illnesses like cancer, heart attacks, surgeries, etc. Chances are, you will never reach your deductible with typical medical visits. Additionally, routine medical needs (illnesses, lacerations, fractures, etc.) can be expensive especially because these are self-paid until high deductibles are met. This creates a big gap in our expenses to cover what we need the most. Simply Healthcare fills this gap, handling these routine needs very reasonably and conveniently.

Convenient: Our facilities are open 7 days a week

Accessible: Walk-ins are usually seen in 30 minutes or less

Quality: The same trained staff and physicians you would normally see

Not traveling?

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